Zeapon Hyla Suction Cup

Zeapon’s new accessory – Hyla Suction Cup brings unlimited possibilities for videographers and filmmakers. Adopted with premium rubber material and a leading technology featuring vacuum valve and blade seal ring design, the cup can secure up to 40kg suction force for 48 hours yet leaving the surface seamlessly clean after detachment. Combined with ZEAPON sliders, the cup offers great adaptability to a variety of challenging shooting scenes such as car chasing, drone shots, etc, with great dynamic added and silky smoothness guaranteed.

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The Ultimate Product Photography Lighting Setup

Getting a lighting setup that fits many different products is key for many online businesses. In Ecommerce photography, the color, size, and glossiness can vary a lot from an object to another. Let’s learn the ultimate product photography lighting setup that will provide you with the versatility and image quality to make your Ecommerce studio more efficient.

We aim here to get a nice and elegant product photograph, on white background, with a clean reflection underneath.

The lighting setup must be the most versatile possible. We want to make sure that whatever medium-sized product we photograph, the result will be great. The time saving of beeing able to use the images Straight Out Of the Camera with a consistent result can have a real impact on your business, depending on the number of products you shoot. Using broncolor lighting equipment, no retouching is required. Power output and colours stay consistent from a shot to another. 

Whether you photograph shoes, cosmetics, or perfume, this lighting setup will fit perfectly. 

Let’s learn more in details how to setup your lights.

First, cover up a white table with a white, shiny acrylic plate. This will give the underneath product reflection. Another similar plate is then positioned vertically100cm behind the table. This plate is backlit with a 90×120 cm Softbox that guarantees an even and clean illumination of the background. One Siros 800S set to 400 J is used for this.

Second, an Octabox 150 is placed 70 cm above the object and provides the general illumination of the entire set and object. It might seems slightly oversized, but the softness of this light lowers the contrast of the photos and guarantees, that it works on shiny as well as very dark and even white objects. The studio light used in the Octabox is a Siros 400S set to 132 Joules.

To give the object a more three-dimensional look it is important to have a certain direction in the lighting. A smaller Octabox 75 from the right (or from the left!) is in charge of this. It is positioned at an angle of about 35 degrees and at a distance of 90 cm from the object. Here, I use Siros 400S at 283 Joules.

The only little detail that customizes the light is a white or black cardboard on the opposite side of the Octabox 75. Use the white one for dark and shiny objects while the black one increases the contrast of very bright and/or low-contrast objects.

Side View
Front View

Setup equipments: Siros L 400, Siros S 800, Softbox 90x120cm, Octabox 150cm, Octabox 75cm, Speedrings and RFS 2.2 transceiver.

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*Re-post from https://broncolor.swiss/news/the-ultimate-product-photography-lighting-setup Photographer: Urs Recher

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Zeapon Slider: Micro 2 600/800 Series

Micro 2 600/800 Series is the extended version of the classic Micro 2 double distance slider, with its travel distance reaching up to 74cm and 94cm respectively. It enables filmmakers to adapt to different shooting scenarios with great flexibility.

Inheriting all great features of its predecessor, Micro 2 600/800 Series adopts the similar compact & portable design strengthened by ultimate-smooth damping and ultra-quite step motor technology.

With the new series, ZEAPON pushes the boundaries even further by integrating the slider body with a low-profile mount and adding a pair of supporting wheels in between, which helps to achieve rock steady yet silky smooth motions while extending the travel length to up to 39cm and 49cm.

Three support arms that come in the box can form a four-point structure with your tripod.

With the foldable landing wheels, it is not only a slider but also a mini Dolly!

Paired with a dedicated phone-based App ZEAPON LAB, awesome time lapse footage can be previewed and programmed in the App with a single tap; Timelapse Calculator intelligently makes the calculation on various timelapse parameters for you, helping every filmmaker and Vlogger capture that perfect moment, from city streets to remoted glaciers, from studio videography to car-chasing scenes, from wedding films to TVC productions.

You can record a clip or view through camera screen directly after setting the motion path in the Zeapon Lab app.

View Product Brochure

Micro 2 E600

Other features includes:

  • Ultra Silent Step Motor – 39 decibels
  • Double Distance, Dual Control
  • Carrying Capacity 8kg
  • Intelligent Chip
  • Precision Structure and Super Payload
  • Custom Path and Waypoints settings to create desired motions
  • Timelapse Calculator
  • App-based Video/PhotoShutter Control
  • Preset Parameters for Easy Timelapse
  • Compatible with most camera shutter release cables, allow PD Type-c charging and firmware upgrade.
  • Adjustable telescopic support legs
  • Compatible with F550/F750/F970 standard lithium battery (*batteries are not included in the box)

View Zeapon Accessories: Hyla Suction Cup

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Broncolor Scoro Promotion : Trade in your power pack

Is your power pack showing its age? 
Treat yourself to the latest broncolor studio lighting equipment and save up to 30%!

The broncolor Scoro is the most advanced power pack series and the ideal partner for intensive studio shooting. Together with the original Pulso G and Unilite lamps it provides ultimate versatility, constant light quality as well as power and precision with an impressive speed.

This timely limited special deal allows you to trade in your aged power packs and to receive an instant discount on the latest broncolor Scoro, Pulso G and Unilite products. The same number of power packs – regardless of manufacturer – with up to three compatible lamps must be returned to the distributor to qualify for the following trade-in discounts:

-30% on:
  • Scoro 3200S WiFi / RFS 2
  • Scoro 1600S WiFi / RFS 2
  • Pulso G 3200 J
  • Pulso G 1600 J
-25% on:
  • Scoro 3200E WiFi / RFS 2
  • Scoro 1600E WiFi / RFS 2
  • Unilite 3200 J
  • Unilite 1600 J
Validity: from 17 August to 30 October 2020

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Take your editing workflow to the next level with Loupedeck CT

When it comes to creative work, the freer you are to focus on your craft, the better.

Meet Loupedeck’s most powerful and adaptable console – Loupedeck CT. The custom editing console is designed to enhance how you work during every part of the editing process. 

With buttons, dials, and touchscreens you can completely customize and organize to your own personal way of working. Loupedeck CT is ready to go right out of the box with a vast set of integrations with your favorite software, letting you move between and work freely in Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, Ableton Live, Streamlabs and soon more – all from one sleek user interface. See supported software here

Loupedeck CT’s newly launched powerful feature –Loupedeck Profile Creator enables you to create your own Custom Profiles (mappings) for third-party applications. It is easy to use, you don’t need any programming skills! Profile Creator can be used for adjustments and actions using everything from mouse movements to shortcuts, macros, keys, run applications, links and text. The new capability is found in Loupedeck software version 3.2 and higher.

This creative tool is for you if you do frequent editing of images and videos.

Free your creativity and boost your productivity with Loupedeck CT!

“…LOUPEDECK CT is a complete control panel for creative applications such as FinalCut Pro, Premiere, Photoshop or Lightroom.

LOUPEDECK CT Review, The ultimate editing console for creatives, by Ali Jennings at CameraJabber

Order your Loupedeck CT today:


  • Free delivery within Singapore for the month of June
  • Payment options – by PayNow or bank transfer
  • Please email broncolorsingapore@gmail.com or call 6444 2366 if you did not receive an acknowledgement email within 12 hours of placing your order.

Broncolor Singapore is the authorised distributor for Loupedeck products in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Loupedeck+ Photo & Video Editing Console

ALL HANDS ON DECK – Meet Loupedeck+

Meet the console that makes photo and video editing second nature and let you focus on what’s really important – achieving the perfect edit.

Made for pros, enthusiasts and everyone in between, Loupedeck+ has an intuitive user interface with controls for retouching, grading and fine-tuning your work.

Loupedeck+ is custom-built to enhance the Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X editing experiences.

The functions you use are all organized by category. So instead of jumping between menus, panels and submenus, they’re all in one place – right at your fingertips. And full screen mode editing lets you edit without ever having to take your eyes off your image or video.

OPERATING SYSTEM: Win 10, Mac 10.12 or higher

Supported Software

  • Lightroom Classic 7.4 or later
  • Lightroom 6
  • Photoshop CC 20.0 or later with Camera Raw
  • Premiere Pro 2018 or 2019
  • Final Cut Pro X 10.4.5 or later
  • Capture One Pro 11 or later – Beta
  • Audition 2019
  • After Effects 2019
  • Skylum Aurora HDR 2018 (1.2)



Lee Morris / F-stoppers


David J. Crewe / SLR Lounge
Order your Loupedeck+ Photo & Video Editing Console today


  • Free delivery within Singapore for the month of May
  • Payment options – by PayNow or bank transfer
  • Please email broncolorsingapore@gmail.com or call 6444 2366 if you did not receive an acknowledgement email within 12 hours of placing your order.

Broncolor Singapore is the authorised distributor for Loupedeck+ in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Capture One Wins 2019 Lucie Technical Awards for Best Photo Editing Software

Capture One Pro 12 has just been named Best Photo Editing Software at the annual award ceremony during PDN PhotoPlus Conference + Expo at Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.

“We are honored to receive the Lucie Technical Awards for best photo editing software,” said Jan Hyldebrandt-Larsen. “This is the second time we have won this prestigious award and we would like to thank the editors, creative directors, writers and other industry professionals who have recognized our technology. We share their passion for advancing the art of photography.”

The Lucie Technical Awards aim to honor the large and small companies and the individuals who have advanced the photographic industry in a given year. All-inclusive, these awards encompass technology and hardware such as cameras, lenses, lighting, camera accessories, as well as papers, printers, inks, software and more. The Lucie Technical Awards is the newest initiative of the Lucie Foundation, and sister program of The Lucie Awards.

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Come join us at shootKL!

Following the tremendous successes of shootSIN in the past years, we are pleased to announce that our annual shoot_event will happen in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this year.

shootKL will feature speakers: Urs Recher (Switzerland), Sails Chong (China), Awamu Moja (Luxembourg), Eric Dinardi (Indonesia), Tengku Azri (Malaysia) and Mezame (Singapore). They will be sharing with us their experiences, stories, techniques and tricks of the trade over the course of two days.

When and where will shootKL be held ?
Date:  Sat 29th & Sun 30th June 2019
Time:  10am – 6.00pm
Venue:  DPAC, Damansara Performing Arts Centre
Address:  H-01, DPAC, Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Tickets:  Book here

Early Bird Tickets- Register BY 31/5/2019
RM260 – shootKL 2-Day, 29th & 30th June 19
RM165 – shootKL 1-Day, Sat 29th June or Sun 30th June 19

Standard Tickets – Register AFTER 31/5/2019
RM300 – Standard Ticket: shootKL 2-Day, 29th & 30th June 19
RM195 – shootKL 1-Day, Sat 29th June or Sun 30th June 19

This event is organised by Broncolor Malaysia Sdn Bhd with support from Eizo.


Post shootKL photography workshop

SAILS CHONG Workshop, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dates:  Mon, 1st July 2019 |  Tues, 2nd July, 2019
Time:  Mon, 9:00am – 7:00pm | Tues, 9:00am – 8:00pm
Venue: Q Event Space
Address: Qliq Damansara Hotel, Level 2, Empire Damansara No.2 Jalan PJU 8/8A, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Join China’s top wedding photographer Sails Chong for a 2-Day photography workshop.

As a Brand Ambassador for both Broncolor and Hasselblad, Sails Chong is highly dedicated and constantly striving for perfection in his craft. As an educator, he is meticulous, precise and principled in his teachings. In recent years, he has conducted numerous workshops across China as well as in Singapore, Indonesia and Burma and has proven to be a great inspiration to his students.

Workshop Schedule

Day 1 | Mon, 1st July 2019
Basic Theory & Advanced Theory
Branding & Strategies Indoor Lighting Session

Day 2 | Tues, 2nd July 2019
Outdoor Lighting Session
Image Editing
Critique Session

Workshop Fees 2-Day workshop: USD1500/MYR6300
Enquiries: mybroncolor@gmail.com

*This event is jointly organised by Broncolor Malaysia Sdn Bhd & Dloven Resources.

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Fashion For A Social Cause

On Sunday 14 October, we joined Professional Photographers Association Singapore (PPAS) at Marina South Pier MRT station for a shoot to support Fashion For A Social Cause by Singapore Fashion Runway. The main shooting area for groups was equipped with a Para 177 and two 30 x 180 strip softboxes with Pulso G lamps, while a smaller set-up for individual portraits was equipped with an Octa 150 and Unilite lamp. Participating photographers included Ukay Cheung, Ruth Soh, John Yuen, Aaron Ang, Eujin Goh and Tennant Lim.

BTS photos by SFR founder Eileen Yap.

44030724_10156151310988579_9014160962936111104_n44045989_10156151273723579_1121155179161321472_n44049108_10156151321008579_6740767067298856960_n44060661_940999182761723_5592271165713285120_n44022943_10156151949103579_6325290889069461504_o20181014_Fashion For A Social Cause__289

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Light Shapers – Softboxes

We resume our weekly highlight on Broncolor light shapers with SOFTBOXES in various formats; square, rectangle, strip and Octa. Detailed specifications on each softbox may be found here.

As with our previous post on Reflectors , the constants are as follows;

Camera: Phase One XF IQ3 100MP

Lens: Schneider Kreuznach 240mm LS f/4.5 IF

Exposure: F/11, 1/125s, ISO 50

Lamp: Broncolor Unilite 3200 powered by Scoro 3200 S

The front surfaces of the softboxes were maintained at a distance of 1m from the subject’s face to ensure the comparisons are fair.

The variables are the softboxes and the power level on the Scoro to adjust for the varying intensity of the light. The Scoro S power level ranges from 1.0 to 10.0 with every round number being halve of the next; eg. 10.0 = 3200 J, 9.0 = 1600 J, 8.0 = 800 J, etc.

We strongly recommend that you view the images below on a calibrated monitor instead of a mobile device. The differences for most of the images are subtle so the small screens may not display them accurately. Although the shots were taken tethered through Capture One, none of the images has been edited in any way.

We start off with comparison groupings by the softbox categories.


STRIP (vertical angle)20181004_SOFTBOXES_STRIP


35 X 6020181002_SOFTBOXES_35X60

60 X 6020181002_SOFTBOXES_60X60

60 X 10020181002_SOFTBOXES_60X100

90 X 12020181002_SOFTBOXES_90x120

120 X 18020181004_SOFTBOXES_120X180

30 X 12020181004_SOFTBOXES_30X120

30 X 18020181004_SOFTBOXES_30X180



OCTA 15020181008_SOFTBOXES_OCTA150

We realize the differences are incredibly subtle and the results of these demonstrations are not sufficient for most photographers to form definitive conclusions upon. Hence, we will conduct more demonstrations over the next few weeks to further present the unique characteristics of each softbox. This will include half body portraits and various angles of light source to show relativity between softbox sizes and light coverage.

To be continued…

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