Phase One Expands the XF Camera System to 100MP

Phase One Expands the XF Camera System to 100MP
The Ultimate Camera System has arrived

We are proud to announce that Phase One has also appointed Broncolor Singapore as the official sales partner for Phase One and Mamiya Leaf camera systems.

Introducing_XF IQ3-100

The “Broncolor Stopover Seminar Series-Introducing the PhaseOne IQ3-100” event was held on 20th Feb, 2016.
Mr Jesper Johansen, Product Manager of Phase One, Copenhagen and Mr Fai Chan, Customer Service Support Manager of Phase One, Asia Pacific were on hand to introduce, present and demo the new XF 100MP Camera System and Capture One V9.

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The XF 100MP Camera System’s full-frame, medium format 100MP CMOS sensor combines high resolution with high dynamic range and exceptional wide angular response. It delivers true 16-bit color, 15 f-stops of dynamic range, live view capturing with HDMI output, ISO flexibility from 50 to 12800 and exposure times of up to 60 Minutes.

Tim Kemple2

Tim Kemple

“The XF 100MP is a giant leap ahead of any camera system I’ve ever shot before. It’s not even a fair fight…” – Tim Kemple

Watch the Phase One XF 100MP, in the hands of photographer Tim Kemple when he takes it for a ride shooting what he does best – Ultimate Action-Sports.

First introduced in June, 2015, the Phase One XF Camera System has been built with optimal 100MP performance in mind. As such, features like the Honeybee Auto Focus, Vibration Tracking, Electronic First Curtain Shutter, and Vibration Detection technology have all been developed to ensure the ultimate 100MP performance. The Phase One XF Camera System was also designed for future growth with regular feature upgrades, incorporating new features and unique customizations. Coupled with new Schneider Kreuznach Leaf Shutter lenses, as well as interchangeable Prism Viewfinder and Waist Level Finder, the PhaseOne XF 100MP Camera System is sure to set the standard for professional photography for many years to come.

Peter Eastway

“One of the benefits of being a magazine editor is getting to play with some amazing toys! I’ve just returned from Antarctica where I shot with the new 100-megapixel Phase One camera. Is there enough detail in these files for you? ” – Peter Eastway

Peter Eastway2
Check out Peter Eastway’s review of the Phase One’s Latest XF 100MP

The XF 100MP Camera System comes with Phase One’s unique 5-year warranty and uptime guarantee including personalized 24/7 support and assistance.

For a demo of the Phase One XF 100 MP Camera System, please contact


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