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David Sheldrick – The Perfect Location Light


David Sheldrick – broncolor Gen NEXT photographer (2016) and our guest speaker at shootSIN 2017 had a day of fun playing around with Broncolor Siros L800 kit & Phase One XF100.

Read full story >  THE PERFECT LOCATION LIGHT by David Sheldrick



Have you ever heard about the Russian fairytale “Serebryanoe kopytse”? It was one of Ilona D. Veresk ‘s favorite tales during her childhood! It inspired her to create this fashion series called “Dear Deer”.


Broncolor Lighting | Siros L 400 | Silver Umbrella | Softbox 60 x 60

Read full story > Dear Deer by Ilona D. Veresk – broncolor Gen NEXT photographer(2017) specialising in fashion, advertising and fine art photography from Moscow.

Kevin Then‘s Realm of Unseen Worlds

Kevin Then.jpg

Watch Kevin’s “Realm of Unseen Worlds” being shot in Thailand across three provinces using Broncolor lighting system.

The Art of Mezame & Broncolor Singapore present “ライトニング by Rainer Cosplay

Viral and hot. Effects are in camera. Watch the video. Thanks to The Art of Mezame for giving us this opportunity to get in on his fantasy shoots.

Powered by broncolor Siros L lighting system and Phase One XF 100MP + Hasselblad H3DII-39 medium format camera systems

Sails Chong Behind The Scenes in Xiamen using  #BRONCOLOR Siros L

unlimited possibilities from Siros L 800…

broncolor Gen NEXT

showcases a pioneering group of young professional photographers lighting up the future of photography.

The future belongs to the trailblazers and the visionaries. It belongs to the next generation of talented young photographers who step up to create & control the light.

The broncolor Gen NEXT concept is simple – broncolor equips the next generation of young pro photographers with cutting edge lighting gear for photography and videography, and makes a request: Amaze us with your images. The broncolor Gen NEXT blog is your exclusive access to behind-the-scenes insights, lighting tutorials and flashes of inspiration from these young professionals.

The first group of broncolor Gen NEXT photographers are Lara Jade, Benjamin Von Wong, Dustin Snipes, Jason Jia, and Manuel Mittelpunkt. They were enforced in 2015 by the second Generation consisting of Anita Anti, Lauri Laukkanen, Yulia Gorbachenko, Gonzaga Manso and Cristina Otero.

Benjamin Von Wong: Surreal Stormchasing Portraits

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Anita Anti’s Stardust

Read more about Anita Anti

Cristina Otero’s Sand Grains
Read more about Cristina

Gonzaga Manso

Gonzaga is obsessed with preparation. He love to set sceneries exactly in the way he had imagined, he is always seeking for the right atmosphere for the picture, he wants to have the right actor for that specific character… A thorough preparation allows him to create what hewant to create; preparation is crucial in his storytelling process.
Read more about Gonzaga

Lauri Laukkanen

A Finnish production company contacted Lauri a while back, and asked him if he would be interested in directing a “James Bond”-themed commercial for the car-rental company SIXT.
Check out what he did with Broncolor’s set of HMIs.

Yulia Gorbachenko’s Gold Standard

Featured Photographers using Broncolor

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