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Siros L

siros-lThe Siros L is Broncolor’s new battery-powered compact device, which provides ambitious professional photographers with the opportunity to enjoy the perfect lighting, be this in a mobile form in the studio, or for external shots – offering both very fast, and also long, flash durations.

What is so great about Siros-L ?

  • It has the most up-to-date lithium ion batteries –  the device can achieve 440 flashes at full power; the lower the power, the more flashes are available. The battery-pack can be used over a very wide temperature range from -10° to 60°C (14° to 140°F). Once its power has been used up, it can be completely recharged in only 75 minutes, allowing just two batteries to be switched and recharged during a shoot if there is a power supply available.
  • The Siros L uses Broncolor’s  patented ECTC technology, which has already been used in the well-known Scoro and Move generators – Siros L has flash durations of up to 1/19’000 s (t0.5) and a guaranteed constant colour temperature over the entire control range.
  • All the Siros L’s functions are easily and remotely controlled by the “bronControl” app, which establishes its own WiFi network; this allows the control of several devices by means of a smartphone or tablet. In order to ensure that the photographer knows which device he is currently addressing, the devices all have different LED colour codes – this ensures that the Siros L is easy to use, both indoors and outdoors.
  • The 25-watt LED modules offer a bright modelling light with a colour temperature of 3000 K, matching the colour temperature of the halogen modelling lamps of the Siros mains powered units.

In addition to the 800 J version for photographers who refuse to compromise in respect of power, there is the Siros 400 L version which is somewhat smaller and lighter and thus offers about 50% of the energy of its bigger brother.

The Siros L can be used with the entire broncolor light-shaper range. Many light-shapers, such as softboxes, open reflectors and especially Paras, are parabolic and can only guarantee an optimum light output and quality if the light source is placed as close as possible to the focal point in the interior of the reflector.

This is why, with the Siros L, broncolor has deliberately opted for an external flash tube, providing perfect lighting.

Would you like to know more about Siros-L ? Do contact Broncolor Singapore for a demo : )

Broncolor Move

The Broncolor Move is equipped with full asymmetry across two lamp connections, and has a control range of up to 9 f-stops, absolute colour stability thanks to the patented broncolor ECTC technology, and flash times down to an impressive 1/20’000s which satisfies any imaginable photographic application. Equipped with the proven Lithium power system, this battery power pack promises long periods of use, very low weight, and up to 4000 recharging cycles.


Move Outdoor Para Kit | 31.028.XX ~ For photographers whose life takes place more outdoors than indoor. The Move is a lightweight athlete with lithium battery.

10 Things about Move 1200L Outdoor Para Kit
1. Everything is included:
The Move Outdoor Para Kit is one of the most comprehensive mobile power pack kits for the outdoor photographer. Included is:

– 1 Move 1200 L power pack
– 1 MobiLED lamp
– 1 Para 88 reflector
– 1 Para 88 adapter P
– 1 RFS 2 transmitter set
– 1 MobiLED continuous light adapter
– 1 weatherproof power pack protecting soft case
– 1 Outdoor trolley backpack

2. One power pack for all your needs:
1200 ws of power, a range of up to 9 f-stops, absolute color stability and consistency across the entire power range due to the broncolor ECTC technology, speed mode, RFS2 flash triggering, and flash times down to 1/20,000s makes the Move 1200 L a powerful system for any photographic application – indoors and outdoors, and wherever life takes you. With the Move power pack you get the fastest flash duration from 4.7watts to 65watts, so you have much more latitude to adjust your settings to your situation. The pack is also completely asymmetrical over two lamp connections, which means that you can have one head at the absolute lowest power setting and the other at the top of the power range.

3. Lithium Power:
The Move is equipped with broncolor’s proven Lithium system LiFEPo4 with integrated battery status, which ensures long periods of use, low weight, and up to 4,000 recharging cycles. The battery is designed so that after a day it cuts off its own connection to stop discharging, so you can leave the pack unattended for a year, come back to it and push the battery indication button (which gives you a visual read out of the total charge of the unit without having to turn the pack on), and the battery will read the same charge as it did a year ago when you left it.

4. Para 88: A true parabolic:
The broncolor Para 88 joins the family of parabolic reflectors that include the Para 170 FB, 220 FB and 330 FB. At 88 cm wide, the Para 88 is perfect for outdoor shootings and smaller studios where you don’t want to sacrifice light quality but need a smaller reflector to do the job.

5. Light and compact:
Weighing in at an incredible 13.7 lbs, the Move 1200 L is the ultimate indoor/outdoor power pack. The Para weighs in at 6.2 lbs, which makes it easier than ever to travel with all your essentials.

6. Para 88: Reflector with focusing system:
Despite its compact dimensions, the Para 88 can fulfill the need for a myriad of individual lighting scenarios. Similar to its Para family, the 88 can be used with a focusing system from front. However, what makes the new 88 distinctive is that it can also be used from behind with the broncolor bayonet; subsequently, the light may be mounted either facing outward toward the subject or reverse mounted to take full advantage of the parabolic shape of the reflector. This permits the mounting of a Pulso mount strobe head, Kobold DW 200, DW 400 head, or, with “adapter D” it can be fitted to broncolor continuous lights F200 and F400.

7. Para 88 – an independent reflector:
A unique feature of the Para 88 is that it can be used as an individual reflector. It can be used with both strobes and continuous lighting as a diffused light source or a directional light source. The inwardly directed light produced gives shadows, extra sharpness and the fraction of scatter can be increased to reduce contrast. Additionally, it can be used with an array of diffusers or light grids. The Para 88, therefore, becomes a creative, light shaping tool.

8. Outdoor Trolley Backpack:
This new backpack is an essential tool for the photographer on-the-run. It fits all necessary items from the kit and resembles a luggage with wheels and a collapsible handlebar. A soft protecting case is also included solely for protecting the power pack.

9. MobiLED – innovation:
This daylight balanced 30 W LED modeling lamp gives you even more flexibility. It’s compact, lightweight and energy efficient. Because of the bayonet locking device, the MobiLED is compatible with the entire range of broncolor light shapers and accessories. And now, with the Move’s continuous lighting capability, and 5500K color temperature, the MobiLED and Move can be used for film sequences, and does so continuously for more than two hours!

10. Continuous Lighting:
And now, with the Move’s continuous lighting capability, and 5500 K color temperature, the MobiLED and Move can be used for film sequences, and does so continuously for more than two hours!

Hear what others say about MOVE !

Review by Karl Taylor, Photographer
In this video, Karl Taylor reviewed two leading brand “Top Offerings” and provide an extensive, in-depth comparison of both models with some surprising results! Watch this comprehensive “Head-to-Head” video of Broncolor’s Move Pack versus the Profoto Pro-B4 to discover which system comes out top.

Review by Dan Carr Photography
excerpt…The Move 1200 was every bit as impressive in person as it sounded from the spec list. More so in fact when you take into account the innovative use of the LEDs for offering adaptable video solution from the kit you already have. The build quality was also extremely impressive…

PDN Product Review: Broncolor Move Outdoor Kit 2 by Dan Havlik
excerpt …As with Broncolor’s other packs, the Move 1200 L is extremely well designed and intuitive to use. Push the battery indicator button on the generator, and it will give you a visual readout of the total charge left in the unit without having to turn the pack on. As with the Scoro, the Move 1200 L’s dimmable LCD display is backlit with an attractive blue tint that matches the blue of the pack’s handle. Even with the power pack housed in the travel bag on the dark street, the blue glow of the 1200 L let us easily see and adjust settings.

Contact Broncolor Singapore for your MOVE today !

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