shootSIN – April 29-30, 2016, Singapore


Broncolor Singapore is proud to announce that Singapore will be the host of ShootSIN, a professional photography forum. Shoot SIN 2016 is an informative forum based on the premise of building a vibrant photographic community.

Originally established in 2008 by Broncolor USA, as Shoot NYC, the shoot event has spread internationally (Shoot London, Shoot Paris, Shoot Amsterdam, Shoot Gothenburg) and will be happening in Asia for the first in Singapore.

In addition to a wide range of professional photography seminars, industry leaders Broncolor and Hasselblad will help budding photographers, advanced amateurs and professionals learn how to harness and integrate the market’s most advanced photographic tools into their photographic workflows, techniques and business.

There will be seminars and lectures pertaining to the business of today’s professional photographers. Attendees will get to learn from top industry professionals. Shoot SIN has secured a few top photographers from the UK, Japan, China, Malaysia and Singapore to cover an array of subjects in fashion, wedding, portrait and commercial photography

Location: *Scape – venue location partner


*SCAPE exists to serve and support youths to live their dreams and realise their full potentials. As the integrated talent and resource hub for young people in Singapore, *SCAPE offers a holistic network of programmes, communities, partners and facilities for youths to explore, create and strive. The organisation aims to facilitate youth-oriented programmes and support within various communities of youth interest in Singapore.

Day 1  – 29th April 2016:
The Ground Theatre, #02-01 SCAPE at 2 Orchard Link, Spore 237978 (Next to Cineleisure)

Day 2  – 30th April 2016:
The Treetops, The Gallery & MediaHub #05-01 SCAPE at 2 Orchard Link, Spore 237978 (Next to Cineleisure)

 ShootSIN 2016 : Story Tellers/Speakers

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Karl Taylor commercial photography
Kevin Then – wedding photography
Sails Chong – wedding photography
Ming Thein – portrait & street photography
Jewel Ling – fashion photography
Ukay Cheung – commercial & fashion photography

Live Shoots:
Cedric Diradourian
Sails Chong
Jewel Ling
Ukay Cheung

Seating for all liveshoots and seminars is limited.  First come – first served.

Come, join us ! *Click here to book shoot SIN tickets

Broncolor Background

Bron Elektronik AG has been making lighting and flash systems for photographers since 1958. The company’s anniversary slogan – “50 light years ahead” – reflected the fact that its market leadership is based on 50 years of light, so to speak. Its success is no coincidence: Bron is specialised in a narrow but deep range of products, pursues intensive research, develops superior equipment, and is always accessible to customers. 

The company, founded in 1958, is located in Allschwil in Switzerland. Bron manufactures the Broncolor lines of strobes. The Broncolor line includes studio systems with separate power packs and heads, with its product brands, broncolor and kobold, has developed over the past half-century into a “global player” in the international market for professional lighting systems.

Hasselblad Background:
Victor Hasselblad AB is a Swedish manufacturer of medium-format cameras and photographic equipment based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company is best known for the medium-format cameras it has produced since World War II. Perhaps the most famous use of the Hasselblad camera was during the Apollo program missions when humans first landed on the Moon. Almost all of the still photographs taken during these missions used modified Hasselblad cameras. Hasselblad’s traditional V-System cameras remain widely used by professional and serious amateur photographers. One reason is a reputation for long service life and quality of available lenses.

shootSIN 2018
June 23rd, 2018
shootSIN 2018 | 23rd-24th June 2018
shootSIN Workshop: Shaping Light with URS RECHER

Follow Broncolor Singapore Blog to receive the latest update on Urs Recher workshop to be held from 25th-26th June 2018 in Singapore.

Broncolor SG Instagram
Matthew Edward Loh and Geoff Ang wrap up the day. Thanks to everyone who came down to #shootSIN! #shootSIN2018
Sails Chong’s session - Live Photoshoot: Chinese Vogue #shootSIN #shootSIN2018
Martha’s session on movement photography left us quite moved. #shootSIN #shootSIN2018
Too shy to ask questions during a session? You can talk to the Photographers during lunch! #shootSIN #shootSIN2018
It’s day 2 of shootSIN! Session 1: Urs Recher showing us why light shapers are built the way they are #shootSIN #shootSIN2018
Session 3: Kevin Then giving us the low-down on body art and slow motion photography. #shootSIN #shootSIN2018
Session 2: Peter Marshall and Martha Suherman take us through the magic of Capture One! #shootSIN2018 #shootSIN
Lunch bustle @ shootSIN 2018!
A peek at what’s happening at shootSIN 2018! Sails Chong in da house! #shootSIN #shootSIN2018
 When he’s not jetting-about living his secret-agent rock-star lifestyle photographing gorgeous landscapes, Peter Marshall leads an equally exciting life as product specialist for Phase One. As the evangelist for all things Capture One, Peter goes around the world helping digi techs and professional photographers master their software. Most people leave his lessons starry-eyed and mind-blown. Maybe because he’s frequently mistaken for James Corden.

Come experience Peter’s magic acts behind the software called Capture One at #shootSIN2018 and be prepared to go away equally mind-blown. 
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KEVIN THEN Hailing from Malaysia, Kevin emerged in the global photography scene by winning the prestigious Hasselblad Masters award under Wedding/Social category in 2008. Kevin’s mastery in light crafting and artistic style of injecting romance and surrealism in his works puts him in the forefront of commercial and wedding portraiture photography. He is the first Asian photographer appointed thrice as the Hasselblad Global Ambassador. Kevin spent most of his time in China in collaboration with Hasselblad and Broncolor for creative commercial productions. In 2018, Kevin decided to bridge the China-South East Asia markets to establish Refined Artisans Wedding (R.A.W), an artisanal photography atelier that provides premium and full suite of bridal services. At R.A.W, Kevin and his co-founder Jan Khoo, continue to push boundaries to produce stunning and evocative works with exquisite lighting details. 
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GEOFF ANG As photographer and founder of Geoffstudio, Geoff sets a very high bar for himself in perfecting his craft and a standard that all his clients have come to appreciate. Geoff clearly loves what he does and loves working with people who share his passion in creating great work. Geoff is also an established TVC director, a natural diversion for a photographer. A director may yell “Action! “ but Geoff’s action is his payback to the community and industry that made him possible. He is actively involved in creating workshops and photography seminars that require him to share his experiences with people who are interested in photography. Geoff once said that photography is not just about the photograph but it’s about the journey and the experience that encompasses it. Always one who says what he means and does what he does, come to #shootSIN2018 and let Geoff shake you up and give your photography a swift kick in the rear. Register for shootSIN 2018 at LIKE our facebook page for more updates on shootSIN 2018 For more information, visit See you there!
MARTHA SUHERMAN The beautiful rose amongst the thorns at shootSIN 2018, Martha Suherman was born in 1980 and graduated from Trisakti university in 2002, majoring in graphic design where she received The Best Graduate award. She has been interested in art since she was a toddler. Drawing was always been her favourite lesson at school. Martha was and still is in love with comic books from all over the world. She fell in love with photography when she was in college, and later on developed a passion for digital editing when she acquired her own digital camera in 2007. Martha is a visual artist with specific passion in landscape, digital composites, and portrait photography. Come listen to Martha talk about her special projects and software techniques at #shootSIN2018. Register for shootSIN 2018 at
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TEO CHAI GUAN Teo (as everyone calls him) officially stepped into the colourful world of advertising in 1997. As a commercial photographer, he specializes in producing conceptual work consisting of still life, portrait, lifestyle and landscape, amongst other genres. In the ever challenging media landscape, Teo has proven his ability to stay versatile through his expertise in image composition, crafting light, and in creating the mood of the image. His efforts have gained him many clients’ compliments and land him numerous international awards. Some of these awards include Cannes, D&AD, One Show, CA, Clio and Adfest. Come listen to this man of few words but many award-winning works. Register for shootSIN 2018 at LIKE our facebook page for more updates on shootSIN 2018 For more information, visit See you there!
MATTHEW EDWARD LOH Matthew Edward is an award-winning photographer and retoucher. Starting out in the early 90’s as a 3D animator and Flame effects artist on SGI platform. He progressed to digital retouching and started a studio which won multiple international awards for digital retouching in the mid-90’s. The late 90’s saw him moving from retoucher to becoming a photographer. In the year 2000, he won almost every major photography award in the Asian Advertising industry. During his journey as a photographer and retoucher he claimed the title of Photocrafter. A Photocrafter creates perfect images by capturing and crafting them. Come to #shootSIN2018 to listen to this photocrafter and how he achieves some seriously epic commercial shots. Register for shootSIN 2018 at
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SEBASTIAN TAN “There is no substitute for honest, systematic and hard work. From each their best, being duty bound and dedicated is the way to glory.” Sebastian Tan can be considered one of Singapore’s godfathers of advertising imagery having soaked his hands in every visual aspect from print to television commercials. He’s won practically every major advertising award and also sits on the panels of various design and media committees and commissions. Sebastian continues to champion crafting and fuel passion in the pursuit of commercial photography and image creation. Come listen to Sebastian at #shootSIN2018 and be inspired by the work that he and his team at Shooting Gallery have created. Register for shootSIN 2018 at
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SAILS CHONG Since he burst into the scene in 2016, Hasselblad and Broncolor ambassador Sails Chong has been relentless in pushing the boundaries in wedding vogue photography. Come listen to Sails talk about lighting techniques in vogue beauty portraits at #shootSIN2018
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As head photographer and consultant of Broncolor Switzerland, Urs plays a pivotal role in the products, content, and imagery of the company and is famous for his educational videos and expertise in light shaping. 
Come let Urs shed some light about strobe photography & light shaping at #shootSIN2018

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Reposting @stillsnetworkstudio When you need crispy light for your fruits & vegetables! Litepipe + Siros 800 L Now these are what we call FreshLights! #broncolor #litepipe #siros800L #freshlight #compact #smallspaces
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